1. Scenes from a Sunday afternoon on Folly beach.

  2. Les toits du Louvre. Taken by my host mom on the day of my départ.


  3. "You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."
    — Psalm 16:11
  4. snapshots from the first few weeks back in Charleston. 

    A lot of adjusting. A lot of sweating. A lot of hugging.


  5. "I fell in love with Paris. Paris—and this is the tricky thing—though it is always and indubitably itself, is also in its nature a difficult city to love for itself alone. What truly makes Paris beautiful is the intermingling of the monumental and the personal, the abstract and the footsore particular, it and you. A city of vast and impersonal set piece architecture, it is also a city of small and intricate, improvised experience. My favorite architectural detail in Paris is the little entrance up the rue de Seine, a tiny archway where, as I have found out, you can push a pousette right through to get to the grand Institut de France. You aren’t looking at it; and then you and the pousette are IN it, right in the driveway where the academicians go. For a moment you ARE it. The Institut belongs to you. Tens steps more and you are on the pont des Arts. The passage from the big to the little is what makes Paris beautiful, and you have to be prepared to be small—to live, to trudge, to have your head down in melancholy and then lift it up, sideways—to get it."
    — Paris to the Moon, Adam Gopnik.
  6. 4 dreamy days in and around Salt Lake City, Utah with this boy and his sweet, mountain pup, Otis. Ridiculously beautiful and lovely.

  7. Afternoon at lake Mary, Salt Lake City, Utah.


  8. Wanderings around Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Midtown and Central Park. Got to run around the city with my awesome friend, Naomi, who taught English in Paris with me last year, have my first fish tacos and margaritas with my friend, John, and make chicken+apricot+almond tajines and swap abroad stories in my cousin’s sweet brownstone. So happy I got to see these folks. 

  9. Kara Walker’s "A Subtlety" or The Marvelous Sugar Baby at the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg. 

  10. Paris —> NYC. First stop on Sally’s All American Summer Tour. 

    BACK IN AMERICA! Been a long time coming… Spent the past four days in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with my good friend, Cat, who I met two years ago when we were studying in Paris. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend my first couple of days transitioning back into American life. She was a good sport as I marveled at everyone walking around with their big iced coffees, frequently (and poorly) directly translated French words and remembered that the people I passed on the street who were speaking English weren’t tourists… I’m getting back in the swing. We packed in as much AMERICA as we could to make up for lost time.

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY, CAT! I will gladly return the favor whenever you’re in Charleston.

    *above featured dude turned 6,000 that day and insisted that I take his photo.